the reason why

I moved to Washington DC in 2010 from London. Made redundant, and with little prospect of employment, I took the decision to look further afield. So here I am.

When one of my best friends, Unruly Julie, weepily told her mother that I was leaving the UK, Agnes (a flame-haired Scot with a stare that could have your balls crawling back inside your body in under ten seconds) told her “Wha’ are you greetin’ for? It’s good she’s heading off. She’ll make new friends, better friends!”

Ernest Hemingway said “Never write about a place until you’re away from it, because that gives you perspective“. That may well be true. Let’s find out.

Be warned. There’ll be lots of swearage.

You can contact me at or on twitter @hebeindc

cat, booze, food … what’s not to like

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British Girl in Washington DC @hebeindc
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2 Responses to the reason why

  1. Ouise says:

    Most excellent. I am looking forward to hearing of your jolly japes in the land that irony forgot. Have a lovely time in the tropical storm, dinnae fash yerself Jennie aboot it xxx

  2. Nuts says:

    Ooh how fabulous! The Brits are coming! Eager to hear about all your adventures in Yankland xx

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